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What to do in relation to global climate change?
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Space exploration and study of parallel worlds

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College Office of the Nervous System
 2007 In RuNet resource is
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For each of us different dominant - Life, Love, Health, the implementation of its plans to make a couple of million, to help others to do the opening super ... To solve the above, there are three specific approach.

1. The Office of the nervous system, effective management. It also means the management of the body and psyche. Of course, you realize that 90% of all diseases associated with the nervous system, The Office of the nervous system and new opportunities not without reason, there is the phrase - all diseases of the nerves. Also known that longevity, beauty, youthfulness depend not only on the biological and psychological age, but also to manage and adjust not without the help of certain knowledge of the nervous system.

2. These methods are called by different names - neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the state of Kandyby (SC) technique Sinton, Simoron, DEIR, coding, Dianetics ... They are using psychoanalyst ... That's all, or self-suggestion. Например, Example,
Go to store toys. Imagine a young child and think, what would you like to buy here. You can expect pleasant surprises ... (The same can be done with soap bubbles.) Represents how much joy you can derive from such a festival of colorful balloons and desires!

3. Medicines, to initiate and enhance memory, neyroleptiki affecting the nervous system, cosmetics, metallokeramicheskie teeth, transplantation of internal organs and skin ... all described a way of life - prosthetics ... For example, Madonna looks like a 20-year-old girl, and internal organs, as noted by her personal physicians, 50-year-old woman.

The second point is important, for example, when a girl at the time of joy solar day and blue sky suddenly iskusyvaet dog to a pulp.  Solving this problem is linked with memory - required sessions and auto-suggestion. The third area is also important, for example, plastic surgery after third-degree burns, which require transplantation of skin for human life.

A resource dedicated to the former. This study borders activities of mind, control and management of the nervous system.  For example, a coherent body of work (recovery) Office has prostate nerve plexus. This is education in college «work, peace and governance nervous system».  In addition, opening up new horizons for research - this nervous system, as the third signal system and additional bodies of work. Can such a direction to make a practical philosophy? Addressed.

Also, the resource is used as a Prime Minister to deal with psihofizicheskimi opportunities rights (not only).

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Inner Work To continue to provide a rational system for research and creativity of human versus
1) unconscious faith, Motivational, self-suggestion, hypnosis, NLP and other modern systems of free imagination of the mind; to find natural ways
2) control architecture «Man»;
3) create specific patterns of interaction Makrokosmos (Universe), Man and elementary particles (Mikrokosmos);
4) extending active life,
5) proportionality balance between man and the increasing diversity of science, life, places people in the world.

What is central to modern man?
You can go different versions of the social. опросов. polls. We cite the ten priorities of modern society based on 874 268 905 searches for August 2008 in runet:

Work - 3457688 (+2.5%).
Weather - 3186466 (+2.0%).
House - 2417362 (11%).
Russia - 2200086 (17.5%).
Sex - 2049644 ... Read more »
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Georgian-Russian conflict Ossete-struck almost the entire world - he risks a noticeable impact on the existing geopolitical. Let us explain the implications from the standpoint of "how to".

  War Media

Communications media Russia unipolar changed since the beginning of military conflict in the Caucasus in August 2008. Tbilisi responded the same - blocked the Russian TV and the Internet.
«The French leadership has acknowledged Saakashvili crazy», «The ships tried to blow up a Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol», «Ukrainian military to shoot down Russian aircraft», «In Ukraine and the Baltic countries form the commando troops to be sent to the conflict zone», «Under the Tskhinvali found the bodies of the Ukrainian militia» , «Defense Ministry of Ukraine ordered to prepare for war with Russia!» - Such headings motley «special» Russian sites.
Authors on promotional sites did not choose expressions - louder than zag ... Read more »

Category: Peace and Family | Views: 504 | Date: 22 Aug, 2008 | Rating: 4.8 / 6 | Comments (28)

The United States spends on space programs at 12-13 times greater, and China - three times more than Russia.

Russia. When four or five years ago, Bush announced a big development projects moon, some of our academicians zabespokoilis that they will be there to extract helium-3. One fairly reasonable projections made by scientists and engineers is that the thermonuclear reactor, if not the second, the third generation, is projected to pass deuterium reaction to the reactions involving helium-3. Once the reactor is operating at such a principle would be designed, industrial development and the Moon will sverhvygodnym-important - because even in the extraction of helium-3 on the Moon, taking into account the cost of its delivery to Earth, would drastically lower the cost of deuterium extracted now. Declaration of leadership Roscosmos that flights to the moon will begin sometime in 2025-2030 and will be made jointly with the Americans and Europeans look like the actual surrender of national interests. Naturally, it is Roskosmos is little critical ... Read more »
Category: Time | Views: 265 | Date: 15 Jul, 2008 | Rating: 5.0 / 1 | Comments (4)

Attending the Americans on the Moon Discussions about the presence of Americans on the moon, Apollo 11 mission, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 years of 1969-1972, nakatyvayutsya new wave and then depart.

  The following are collected summarizing research opponents «Americans on the Moon»:

  1. Photographic mission, Apollo 15 (more than 1000 photos) contrary to verify parallax.  Research visible changes the relative position of the movement because the camera when shooting separated into several tens of centimeters, with photographs of the same object, show: 1) the distance is not tens of kilometers, but no more than a few hundred meters, 2) no ongoing landscape, and with clear lines of section foot of the mountain and, 3) the movement of surfaces on each other's faults and cracks. Read more »
    Category: Discoveries | Views: 814 | Date: 10 Jul 2008 | Rating: 5.0 / 7 | Comments (4)

Ineta-quality products  The scheme is not spam, when a mass mailing of strangers without their consent. 

 There is no advertising or antireklamy, this is not the Nigerian letter with a view to vymanit money, it is not phishing, or disguised as official communication from the administration of the bank, it is not «letter happiness» with the religious-mystical content and the requirement to rewrite several times, it is not propaganda and not a virus .

  Is it possible in this case for a global response to a public message users say about the quality, value and utility of the product suggestions?  Can the proposed scheme mediocre announcements made in the global directory service antikachestva online resources?  Finally, there appears to talented authors the opportunity to bypass the above deficiencies global network and is busy   ... Read more »
Category: Internet | Views: 484 | Date: 16 Feb, 2008 | Rating: 0.0 / 0 | Comments (1)

Brain  We are an open quantum system with countless currents of energy in it.  Management of internal capacity allows to disclose the possibility of an organism.  One of   abilities, is to manage the stress of thinking through the nerve currents brain. As the thought processes are in direct connection with our activities, the ability is tantamount to control and manage the physical changes of life.  We have four «stations», at the parietal nerve plexus.

  The first couple of nervous currents closer to the main axis of geometric (oboz. 3), allows you to track   ... Read more »

Category: Discoveries | Views: 894 | Date: 15 Feb 2008 | Rating: 5.0 / 6 | Comments (2)

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