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Вензель Развитие человека / Human development (humanity) Среда, 08 Июл 2020, 06:32 Вензель Развитие человека / Human development (humanity)
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Human Resources at Alliga Ter (new research and achievements)

This is our globe. We are six billion and as many different lives.
The resource is dedicated
  • productivity of creative work,
  • increase life expectancy and the protection of public health,
  • development of new schemes and disciplines of human endeavor where the man is one of the standards of Genesis.
In light of recent events (the global economic crisis, the ecological credit crunch) in our opinion the new world order is related to the disclosure of internal research capacity of man and the introduction of the money unit in the Global Network - the equivalent of a creative effort. To do this we use the cultural heritage and modern artistic achievements and future developments.

This approach helps to address global problems, changes the foundation of every state and allows the realization of each individual, when the dream is being implemented, as we become more perfect.

DOMESTIC HUMAN POTENTIAL (the result of modern research)

This education is training on the nervous system managementto work, at home, sex, leisure, dating, peace, parenting, love, sports, business, beauty, health... The education includes the following Lectures: 

  • Lectures 1-6 – work with the mind.
  • Lectures 7-8 – work with the individuality.
  • Lectures 9-21 – getting familiarized with nerve plexuses and management of nerve plexuses.
  • Lectures 11, 14 – safety regulations.
  • The last Lecture  – mastering the health improvement method.
Classes are led internal order and provide a mechanism for internal development. The deliberate use of the nervous system - this new horizons, the third signal system and additional labour bodies. 
Home researches of the students and the Lecture r’s comments are provided after each Lecture . 

Presentation - The internal capacity of Rights - a separate entity [Download from server (7.57Mb)]
Opportunities rights - video [Download Server (10.68Mb)]

General Questions
About the formation of the electronic version and about the education "DOMESTIC HUMAN POTENTIAL"
The first Belll
What is creativity and health?  What does the College teach and how homework is done?
Lecture  One
How to choose a goal correctly?
 Lecture  Two
How to aim and what to do to achieve the aim?
Lecture  Three
What is brain accent?
What is the break for?
Lecture  Four
What interferes with the nervous system management?
Lecture  Five
What testifies about the correct line of inner work?
Lecture  Six
How to develop the voiceless of the mental state? What is the vice of a character?
Lecture  Seven
How to use the nervous system for the criterion of the relationship with God? (with illustrations)
Lecture  Eight
Definition of "what Man is" and what role does "I" play for the nervous system?
Lecture  Nine
КHow does the nervous system of the man (psyche) accept and formulate a THOUGHT? (with illustrations)
What is the break for?
 Lecture Ten 
Tricky nervous plexus as a criterion images in the mind and intuition (with illustrations) 
Lecture Eleven 
Regulation of safety and recovery of remote sensing. Solar plexus and human curses.
Lecture Twelve 
Temporal nerve plexus as a criterion of remote hearing and intuition
Lecture Thirteen 
What gives the first triad of nerve centers for the achievement of the goal set by you?
Lecture Fourteen 
How does the nervous system signal about DANGER, DEFENCELESSNESS and LOSS of INDIVIDUALITY? Recovery from chronic diseases (with illustrations)
Lecture Fifteen 
Search for the answer "Who is the near spiritual helper for you?" on the basis of the first triad of the nerve centers responsible for the sensing criterion
Lecture Sixteen 
How does the throat nerve plexus influence the speech? Opportunity to get rid of tuberculosis (with illustrations)
Lecture Seventeen 
How to change the type of relationship on the basis of the heart nerve center? Improvement of the cardiovascular activity
Lecture Eighteen 
Research of the epigastric center functions range from sensing of energy fields to their management
Lecture Nineteen 
Negative and positive influence of the prostatic center on the psyche. Bright type of Love
Lecture Twenty 
What does the sacral nerve plexus responsible for? Management of the mental state of "knowledge, faith and conviction"
What is the break for?
Lecture Twenty-One 
How to manage events (circumstances) on the basis of the nervous system?
Final Examination
Study of the 1st relaxation method of LONGEVITY on the basis of the prostatic center functions
Last bell
Admission to college
Inpatient education works year-round
Why and how to make sponsorship

Investigations are placed in their native language forums Personal experience and personal experience or the Office of the nervous system of on-line. Automatic translator imtranslator or Google translator can translate 40 languages. Teachers act checking sessions, senior students give recommendations. College is a collective effort. If you do not understand, then you write in the form of feedback.   [The exchange of experiences]

Cloud tags, which affect education:
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The nerve plexus and nerve channels of movement currents

Nerve plexus RightsNerve plexus Rights


The proposed new currency called the «Alliga Pound». As a reference or "dimensional ruler" appears real single creative product. This product can choose any popular creative work. In this case, for one unit of currency is invited to select the human legacy of women's tale. Determinant of prices serve four characteristics and formula for calculating the cost of:The new currency Alliga Pound
  1. Trends for the birth of new creative products and for the birth of children. Briefly tsenooobrazuyuschy factor is Light.
  2. Trends for the acquisition of the fullness of being human. Briefly - Happiness.
  3. Trends in stimulating a new search. Briefly - Search.
  4. Trends in stimulating collective action. In short - We.
  5.  Price in Pound is the product of four price determining characteristics. Or Price = (Light x Happiness x We x Search).
"Women's fairy tale" defines the unit content of each of the tsenooobrazuyuschih factors.

Continuity Alliga associated with modern monetary units and the copyright for creative product.

Novelty: definition tsennoobrazuyuschih factors and formulas for the cost, the introduction of standards denominations of 0,001, 0,002, 0,005, 0,01, 0,02, 0,05, 0,1, 0,2, 0,5, 1, 2, 5, 10; 100 and 1000 Alliga Pound.

 Every person on the basis of nominal 0,001, 0,002, 0,005, 0,01, 0,02, 0,05, 0,1, 0,2, 0,5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 100 and 1000 Alliga Pound could reach own view on the human heritage of personal creative products, as well as other products. Pound, as a social unit of money for the Global Network, can be repeatedly accelerate the progress of mankind.

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